Facilitating Spontaneous Order

Facilitating Spontaneous Order

Times are tough for nonprofit fundraising, and not every group can afford to hire the staff it needs to become a primary voice in the public policy debate. If you have a project that needs to be completed quickly but you lack internal manpower, our team of freelancers is ready to catch your overflow. With many decades of collective experience working for free-market think tanks and publications, we can handle work for you on a case-by-case basis. And if we can’t, we’ll find you somebody who can. Use your donor dollars wisely: Maximize your impact with lower overhead.

We offer à la carte services:

  • Writing: We’ll increase your publishing rate.
  • Editing: We’ll polish your prose until it shines.
  • Research: We’ll hit the books, comb through Google, and fire up LexisNexis.
  • Analysis: We’ll crunch your numbers.
  • Websites: We’ll build, overhaul, or tweak.
  • Graphics: We’ll provide visually arresting images and designs.
  • Layout: We’ll arrange documents with your professional, educational, or whimsical style.
  • A/V: We’ll whip your raw footage into shape.

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Talent Quips

Claire Kittle had me create a new section on her Talent Market website devoted to her witty and insightful Talent Tips, the nuggets of job-seeking wisdom she sends out each month in her email updates. Claire is in a unique position to dispense advice about how to prepare for and behave during the hiring process, especially in the free-market policy world. Landing a job can be tough, especially in today’s economy, but having Claire’s tips collected in one place for...