We offer a wide range of à la carte services for free-market nonprofit groups:

  • Writing: Is there an urgent issue or opportunity that you lack the resources to address quickly? We’ll produce briefings, op-eds, essays, blog entries, press releases, grant requests, and more — bylined, institutional, or ghostwritten.
  • Editing: Does your work need more concision and punch? Are you publishing an opaque academic treatise that few will understand? We’ll polish your prose until it shines.
  • Research: Do you wish you had time to wade through databases and primary sources? We’ll hit the books, comb through Google, and fire up LexisNexis.
  • Analysis: Do you want to hold government agencies accountable for the ways in which they spend taxpayer dollars? Looking for patterns of correlation between regulations and growth rates? We’ll crunch numbers for your transparency efforts and data-intensive inquiry.
  • Websites: Would you like a reliable source for help with your website? Small shops often can’t afford to have a dedicated techie on-site to handle online workloads. We can fill that need by building, overhauling, or tweaking your website and social media presence — and training you how to use them more effectively.
  • Graphics: The most well-researched and brilliantly written policy paper won’t attract eyeballs if it isn’t accompanied by stunning visual presentation. We know the issues, and will provide visually arresting images and designs to complement your intellectually rigorous work and captivate your target audiences.
  • Layout: Are you looking for a new publication format? Do you want to spruce up your existing style? Is your regular designer just unavailable, and you need somebody to create a new document in your existing format? We can handle all this, and more.
  • A/V: Free-market organizations are increasingly turning to multimedia to invigorate their research and help it reach new audiences. Do you have audio or video footage that you’d like transformed into a concise, professional podcast or YouTube video? We’ll help you create content with the potential to go viral.