Eric D. DixonEric D. Dixon holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Brigham Young University, and although he originally planned to pursue a life in newspapers, he never got over his 1997 internship at the Cato Institute. He has since kept a foot in both journalism and public policy, working for the Libertarian National Committee, Atlas Network, the Show-Me Institute, U.S. Term Limits, Americans for Limited Government, the Cascade Policy Institute, Liberty magazine, the Oregon Newspaper Publishers Association, the Idaho Freedom Foundation, and the Idaho Press-Tribune. In that time, he’s edited dozens of academic policy studies, hundreds of op-eds, briefings, and press releases, and thousands of blog entries. He’s also been designing and maintaining websites since the mid-1990s, ranging from complex data-driven institutional sites to smaller nonprofit and e-commerce sites. He has experience with WordPress, Joomla, Textpattern, PHP, Javascript, ASP, VBScript, MySQL, the Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suites, and much more. As a desktop jack of all trades, he usually ends up as the go-to guy for any computer-related problem solving and troubleshooting in the places he works.

Sarah BrodskySarah Brodsky is a freelance writer and editor who specializes in economics and education. She has contributed writing, editing, and website help to several think tanks and free-market projects, including the Show-Me Institute, the Institute for Humane Studies, and As part of her work, she has written hundreds of blog posts on public policy and current events. Her op-eds and articles have been published in the St. Louis Business Journal, the Springfield News-Leader, and Info Tech & Telecom News. She has also edited and critiqued academic papers. Sarah holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Chicago.

David M. Brown has been a professional editor and writer for more than a quarter century. He has crafted or copy-edited everything from fiction to sales letters and resumes; from blogs, op-eds, and newsletters to volumes on economics and philosophy. He has revised book-length manuscripts for philosopher Tibor Machan (The Moral Case for the Free Market System, The Passion for Liberty, Putting Humans First, The Man Without a Hobby, others), journalist Tomas Larsson (The Race to the Top: The Real Story of Globalization), pollster Scott Rasmussen (A Better Deal: Social Security Choice), businessman and politician Mark Sanford (The Trust Committed to Me), and cultural critic Bill Greene (Common Genius). Brown’s reviews and commentary have been published in the pages of Reason, the Freeman, Liberty, the New Individualist, USA Today, the Washington Times, the Trenton Times, No Uncertain Terms, Oasis, the Princeton Review, and Objective American; and on the websites of the Mises Institute, International Society of Individual Liberty, Rasmussen Reports,, Laissez Faire Books, and CyberTips. He occasionally opines about matters grammatical and stylistic at The Technofatuous Blog.

Wirkman VirkkalaWirkman Virkkala has been writing and editing for think tanks and “policy tanks” for years, specializing in publishing high-quality content on a regular, even schedule, never missing deadlines. He also produces websites, advertising campaigns, and posters for a variety of businesses and nonprofit organizations. After a dozen-year stint as a founding editor of Liberty magazine, a journal of libertarian thought that debuted in 1987, he turned to writing for a computer reseller and a dot-com startup — but his “locofoco” politics led him back to work for public policy nonprofits. His essays and reviews have appeared in Reason, the American Enterprise, the late, great Loompanics catalog, and other periodicals and venues.

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