“[N]ot only a division of labor but also a coördinated utilization of resources based on an equally divided knowledge has become possible.” — F.A. Hayek, “The Use of Knowledge in Society”

The current economy is rife with people seeking work, and also with organizations that could use some help but may not be in a financial position to hire new staff. This is a classic example of an economic coordination problem. Buyers and sellers of small bundles of services or single servings of labor may be unable to find each other without incurring significant search costs — if they find each other at all. aims to surmount this problem within the free-market policy community by serving as a clearinghouse both for organizations that need help with a project or two and for the freelancers who can fill those needs on a case-by-case basis.

The team we have in place has many decades of collective experience working inside the free-market movement, in think tanks, activist groups, and publications, both national and state-based. We have a wide variety of participants, and will continue to add more as our workload grows. And because we have a range of backgrounds, we’ll be able to match your needs with somebody who has relevant experience and skills.

We’re confident in our ability to handle your extra workload, especially as we grow larger. If, however, we find that your project is too big for us, or falls outside our range of skills, we’ll recommend somebody else who can do it instead. In whatever capacity makes sense, we hope to be a resource for you.