Talent Quips

Claire Kittle had me create a new section on her Talent Market website devoted to her witty and insightful Talent Tips, the nuggets of job-seeking wisdom she sends out each month in her email updates. Claire is in a unique position to dispense advice about how to prepare for and behave during the hiring process, especially in the free-market policy world. Landing a job can be tough,... Read More

Libertarian Positions on State Ballot Measures

If you’d like a quick guide to to the ballot measures you may face at the polls on Tuesday (if you didn’t vote early, that is), here’s a piece that I put together for the national Libertarian Party website a few days ago. In most cases, the opinions and vote recommendations are my own, but in a few instances — Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Minnesota,... Read More

Libertarian Book Clubs Foster Lasting Change

Although I’ve attended Mark Skousen’s annual FreedomFest convention in Las Vegas several times as a participant, in summer 2011 I had the honor of presenting a session for the first time, alongside a roster of notable libertarian names — a great many of which I’ve admired and, in some cases, known for years. Titled “Libertarian Book Clubs: How To Promote... Read More

Problem-Solving for Fun and (Meager) Profit

Doing freelance work for a living presents the opportunity to tackle a wide range of problems. One recent gig called for me to figure out a way to protect website content for a limited period of time, each article becoming accessible to the general public at exactly 6:00 a.m. after it’s posted. That way, paying subscribers have a limited window in which to use content themselves... Read More

Introducing ThinkTankOverflow.com

Only a few days ago, I had a conversation with Claire Kittle at Talent Market about jobs within the free-market movement, and she pointed out that she frequently receives inquiries from think tanks looking for help with some project or another — often websites — and that they don’t know where to turn. Certainly, there are professionals throughout the nation who would be... Read More